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Where is Legacy Located? 

We are conveniently located in Tyrone, GA off Hwy 74 across from Publix.

What is Legacy?

Legacy Theatre is a professional theatre and performing arts conservatory.


Are Legacy’s studios and classrooms located inside of Legacy Theatre? 

Yes.  The studios are located within the theatre building.  You can enter through the main entrance. 

How often do classes meet? 

Most classes meet once a week unless students are enrolled in multiple classes. The Legacy Dream Students and show rehearsals may meet additionally outside of regular class time. ​

Will my student have a performance? If so how many? 

Yes!  All students get to perform in our Winter & Spring Spectaculars! The Legacy Dream students will also have additional opportunities to audition and be in our Spring & Summer Musicals!

Do Theatre Students perform in Legacy’s Adult Shows?

Some do. Our MainStage shows sometimes feature children’s roles and we have open auditions for those. You do not have to be a Legacy student to audition and not all who audition are cast.

Are parents allowed to watch classes? 

We believe students can be the most creative when they are not as self aware.  Viewing windows make many students self conscious.  We do however have Parent Observation weeks every 8-10 weeks.

At what age do you start classes?

We enroll students as young as 2.  However, many performers start later and are still able to excel!

What does my child need to wear to class? 

Appropriate attire and shoes for the specific dance class they are taking.  All shoes can be ordered through Legacy front office.  You can also refer to our Rates/Attire page for specific dance attire breakdown. For theatre classes, we prefer clothes students can move in and closed toe shoes.

Do you sell shoes, tights & leotards?

Tights and shoes can be ordered through the front desk on an as needed basis. 

How are classes broken down?  By Age or Level?

Our classes are broken down by both.  Each age is divided within a level.​

Do you offer a free trial class? 

We have a Introductory class rate of $15.  Once your students registers, that fee will be applied to the first month’s tuition. 

What is the cancellation policy? 

Our season/year is from August – June. If for some reason you student is unable to continue class we ask for a 2 week notice prior to the next billing cycle. 

How do I pay for classes?

All classes are automatically paid though JackRabbit (our online billing system) with a credit card that we keep on file.  

What is the Jr. Production?

Every year in the spring Legacy produces a show in which our students are the stars! This is available by audition only to our Dream 3-6 students and Dream 2 students taking both Ballet/Tap & Musical Theatre. Everyone who audtions gets a part! 

What is the Jr. Production Fee & 1 Act Production Fee?

Because we are a professional theatre, we want to give our students that same experience. Most are surprised to learn the many costs associated with producing theatre. We hire a sound designer, light designer, set designer, carpenters, painters, stage manager, costume designers, choreographer, director, box office manager, and tech crew! . There are also lisencing royalities associated with producting such shows. 

Why do I have to pay for tickets for performances?

Legacy theatre has many operating costs that are specific to running a theatre. Your tickets help cover those costs. 

What is the difference between Legacy “Dreamers” & Legacy “Members”? 

The Legacy Dream is an added level of membership available by our audition only. “Dreamers” still take classes like regular members, but are afforded some additional opportunities and experiences throughout the year to enhance their training.  In The Legacy Dream you have unique opportunities that are only available to “Dreamers”.

Opportunites for Dreamers & Members:

  • Jr. Production 
  • Winter & Spring Spectaculars 

Dreamers ONLY:

  • Workshop w/ Broadway Artists 
  • 1 Act Play: Dream 3-6
  • Talent Show: Dream 3-4
  • Leadership Program: Dream 5-6
  • Student Choreography: Dream Dance Team Members
  • Dream Cabaret:  Dream 6
  • College Prep Night: Dream 6
  • Mock Auditons with College Professor:  Dream 6
  • Private College Prep Coaching:  Dream 6

Why am I paying for a full month if we are not in class the full month?

Your membership is based on a yearly fee that is divided up over the 10-12 months for budgeting and convenience.  EX: You will be billed the first week of August, however you will start classes the 3rd week of August.  The semesters are based on a 16-18 week schedule plus performances and special events. 

Are there makeup classes?

You are welcome to come to another class of the same age and style if it is offered.  Please notify in advance.   

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