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Founding Members


The Bridges Family
Elizabeth Clausen
John Wieland Homes
Brian & Denise Bauer
Downtown Grill
Dolce Atlanta-Peachtree
The May Family
The Tylers
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Wade
Centennial Investments, LLC
Brad & Jana Lord
Slepian & Schwartz LLC


Saul & Stacy Alter & Family
SouthCrest Bank – Tyrone
The John Ellison Family
Eric and Cheryl Hoffler
The Dyers
The Killebrew Family
Jim & Linda Robinson
Frank and Susan Smith
The Roark Family
Frank & Jacqule Stahler
John & Jean Woody
Rogers, Hofrichter & Karrh
Davis & Meeker L.L.C.
Horizon Homes
Classy Cuts
The Queen’s Jewels
The Muratori Family


James B McCabe III
The McCauley Family
Edie & Terry McDonald
Wingate Inn
Neil & Donna Parker
Ed & Patty Richardson
J.M. and Cathy B. White
Arts & Expressions Magazine
The Stone Family


Francis V. Bates
Barbara & Tony Ash
The Berthold Family
The Brian Boss Family
Aunt Jann & Uncle Tom
Mellow Mushroom Pizza
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bryan
The Bullard Family
Kelley and Sarah Davenport
Caleb & Helen Davidson
Emily Duncan
The Thom Grindle Family
Stellar A Productions, LLC
Bob McSwiggan
Diana and Mandee Kulaga
Donna Jeanne Parker
Annette & Jerry Tedder
Verlyn Ritch Thomas
Cheryl Thrasher
Like The Dickens, Carolers
Beth Wicker
Joel and Geri Cowan
Peachtree National Bank
JoAnn & David Bynum
Shirley & David Tolbert
United Community Bank
Mike Kellicut & Margaret Burkle
Kristin & Kai Madden
David and Esther McConnell
Stallings Frame & Plaque Shop
Ann Marie Mitchell
Falyn Mapel
The Meeker Family
The Mac McCormick Family
Southside Theatre Guild
Pauline Hayes
Dan & Susie Mooney
Laura Jurecic & Dyxie Parker
Robin Powell-Toothman
Jeanette Rorick
Shannon Carafello
Chris & Valerie Shellnut
Greg Smith
Dave & Jennifer Smith
The Steadman Family
George & Lisa Boyd
The Roseen Family
The Bunce Family


Barry Amos
Kathy Andersen
Conrad & Sally Belveal
Tom & Maria Digby
Bette S. Flatt
Valerie Caldwell
Margaret & Jason Hassenstab
Dan & Rene Flaherty
Ken Matthews
James & Tracie Reese
Marlisa Stechmann
Frank & Janie Wells
Ken Matthews
Karen Neff-Bodywork Works, Inc.
Shawn & Melissa Cartwright
Todd & Kimberly Day
Beverly Lachance


Bill Forsyth
Bill & Linda Francis
Jacob Parker
Katie Parker
Janie Parker
Jenny & Ron Robinson
Abbi Wright
Tuckaberry Productions
Adrian & Ala Jones
LCS Company 2005-2006

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