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Level 6

Grades 9th-12th

Watch Out World!

Level 6 is designed to completely allow your artist to achieve whatever dream they have whether it's a career in the performing arts or just a confident individual who's ready to ace their college interview.

Classes - Level 6

So many amazing class options for your 9th-12th grader!

L6 // Musical Theatre

Mondays 8:00PM-9PM

Wednesdays 7:00PM-8:00PM

L6 // Advanced Acting

Wednesdays 5:00PM-6:00PM 6:00PM-7:00PM

Thursdays 6:00pm-7:00pm

L6 // Acting/Improv

Tuesdays 8:00PM-9:00PM

Wednesdays 7:00PM-8:00PM 8:00PM-9:00PM

L6 // Voice (Dreamer Only)

Wednesdays 8:00PM - 9:00PM

Thursdays 8:00PM - 9:00PM

L6 // Beginner Ballet

Wednesdays 6:00PM-7:00PM

L6 // Intermediate Ballet (2 years of beginner classes required)

Mondays 7:00PM - 8:00PM

L6 // Intermediate 2 Ballet (2 years of intermediate classes required)

Mondays 6:00PM - 7:00PM

L6 // Beginner Tap

Thursdays 5:00PM-6:00PM

L6 // Intermediate Tap (2 years of beginner classes required)

Tuesdays 7:00PM - 8:00PM

Thursdays 6:00PM - 7:00PM

L6 // Beginner Jazz

Tuesdays 5:00PM-6:00PM

L6 // Intermediate Jazz (2 years of beginner classes required)

Mondays 8:00PM - 9:00PM

Thursday 7:00PM - 8:00PM

L6 // Boys Only Dance (Jazz)

Tuesdays 6:00PM - 7:00PM

L6 // Modern/Contemporary Dance (Dreamer Only-Must take Intermediate Ballet as well)

Monday 5:00PM - 6:00PM

L6 // Audition Technique for Dance

Mondays 7:00PM - 8:00PM

L6 // On Camera

Tuesdays 6:00PM - 7:00PM

L6 // Dream 5-6: Hip Hop (Dreamer Only)

Tuesdays 7:00PM - 8:00PM

L6 // Dream 5-6: Playwriting/Performance (Dreamer Only)

Thursdays 7:00PM - 8:00PM


One Class

$100 / Month

Additional Class

$65 / Month

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