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Released: May 20, 2021

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Devin A. Shaw

Devin A. Shaw hails from Detroit, Michigan and is a graduate of Columbus State University where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre with a focus in Acting and Directing. 

In addition to her strong leadership tactics, she is a dedicated entertainer and business professional accomplished in all aspects of Theatre Performance and Theatre Education with an extensive Dance (Ballet, Jazz, African, Contemporary, Liturgical, Modern, Tap, & Hip-Hop) Directing, and Writing background. Devin has devoted her life to keeping the Fine Arts an important part of the public education curriculum in order to, “create the greatest human mind, body, and spirit possible”. She believes that no individual can truly be established if they have not been involved in the arts in some form.

Devin A. Shaw’s ultimate objective in life is to create works that showcase worldly economic, political, and cultural concepts in order to establish what she calls, “Cultural Communion” for people in search of a greater perspective though an honest lens. She hopes that the lessons she instills as an instructor will extend far beyond the studio and theatre arenas where she teaches and into the everyday lives of her students.

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