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Released: December 2, 2023

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HISTORIC Day for Legacy!

Today is a HUGE day for me! We purchased the building that houses the theatre. I have dreamt of owning a theatre for longer than I can remember. While we owned the theatre company, we did not own the actual building. It was built specifically for us. I picked the design, colors, wallpaper, and even got the town to ensure the road dead ending to the theatre. But it was not ours . It was for us to lease. When we started Legacy we had no money and no investors. Just a lot of heart and a big dream! Commercial developers made that dream a reality. However, I knew that in order to protect Legacy we needed to own the entire building. Today that dream came true!

Legacy Theatre will ALWAYS have a home at 1175 Senoia Road. It will out live us all.

Thank you to all who have visited and supported. It means the world to this dreamer.

Today I can celebrate and am thankful we are seeing record crowds as our field trips and White Christmas are ENTIRELY SOLD OUT FOR THE RUN! Dream big!

Ps: I am holding both the original business plan and signed contract in pic!