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Contemporary/Improv Dance

February 09, 2021

“If you dance with your heart, your body will follow.” Quoted by Mia Michaels, who practically created a new form of dance that became famous on FOX’s “So You Think…...

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Advanced Acting

February 09, 2021

Are you ready to dig deeper? Our Advanced Acting class will allow passionate actors to dive into advanced acting techniques, challenging texts, and even create their own material! Dreamers will…...

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Audition Technique

February 09, 2021

Be ready to nail your next audition! We will teach you the art of auditioning. How to select material, How to enter the room, How to prepare, How to keep…...

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Vocal Technique

February 09, 2021

Learn to sing ANY song in musical theatre, any style! This class will prepare your star for solos! This group voice class will focus on vocal technique such a proper…...

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Vocal/Music Theory

February 09, 2021

The #1 class performance majors fail in college is Music Theory (and without it they can’t graduate)! Legacy recognizes the importance of this by offering this specialized class to our…...

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Boys Only Dance

February 09, 2021

We understand that boys don’t always want to take class with so many girls! This class will allow the Legacy Dudes to have a class dedicated specifically to them! This…...

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Tap Dance

February 09, 2021

What do Fred Astaire, Shirley Temple, Hugh Jackman, and the Rockettes have in common? They can Tap! Many shows in musical theatre utilize this wonderful form of dance! Legacy Dreamers…...

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February 09, 2021

Where Ballet gives you the foundation, Jazz gives you the style! All performers need Jazz technique to ensure they can grasp the numerous styles required in performing. From Annie to…...

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